3 Home Renovations to Help Veterans With Depression

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After serving and returning home, veterans are often left with mental health symptoms as a result of depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. These conditions can make it difficult to re-acclimate to civilian life. However, there are numerous home renovations that can help make day to day living more comfortable, easing symptoms and improving mood. A skilled contractor can help ease mental health symptoms with the following renovation ideas:

Open Floor Plan

Adding an open floor plan to your home can make the rooms look bigger and brighter as you go through your day. This type of floor plan can help you and your family feel less restricted, promoting natural sunlight. In addition, when you and your family are in different rooms in your home, you’ll be able to interact with each other easily. This can help decrease feelings of isolation, helping you feel more connected and fighting depression symptoms.

Swimming Pool

One excellent way to combat depression is through cardiovascular exercise. Individuals with depression experience fewer symptoms if they stay active, and a sedentary lifestyle can cause the symptoms of depression to worsen. Having a beautiful blue pool in your nearby backyard can be quite the motivator to get outside, get some fresh air, and exercise with your loved ones. And there’s no need to trudge away on a treadmill inside a gym when it’s only a few feet to reach the swimming pool. When deciding on your pool, consider the different benefits of above-ground versus in-ground swimming pools. A local contractor can teach you about these benefits if you need additional information.

Colorful Walls

The decoration and color of your living environment can dramatically influence your emotional state. Blue is soothing, yellow can cheer you up, and red can cause stress. White walls can make you feel like you’re in a cold, sterile environment. Add some creativity and personality to your home by painting your walls the colors that suit you best, so that you can improve your mood and dress up your living space.

By adding one or more of these options to your home or property, you’ll be able to alleviate the symptoms of depression and other mental health conditions. Setting up your home in a way that makes it easy to get more exercise, interact with your family, and enjoy the living space that you have will help make it easier to acclimate to your daily tasks.

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