4 Things to Know Before Renting Construction Equipment

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Whether you’re doing some landscaping or building a foundation, renting construction equipment will let you move the earth and complete other tasks much more efficiently. But before you call up an equipment supplier, you’ll need to have a solid plan. These are four things you should understand when leasing construction equipment.

Expect Hidden Costs

If you’re renting high-quality construction equipment, you’re going to have to pay close attention to the contract you sign. While you might be drawn to a certain business due to its low advertised rates, the actual price could be distressingly higher. For instance, you could be hit with fees due to returning equipment that hasn’t been cleaned. Fees from insurance for renting equipment should also be anticipated. Use your best negotiating tactics when working with rental companies. Plan in advance. Remember that beggars can’t be choosers, so don’t expect to get coveted equipment on short notice for a reduced price. If a piece of equipment is that important, you’ll find a way to afford it.

Allow for Weather

Since we can’t control the weather, we need to know how to plan for it. Even if the weather is perfect throughout the project, which is quite unlikely, the environment itself can pose problems. If you’re worried about traversing rough terrain or if you’re trying to protect the environment, then placing a sheet of material between the ground and equipment will increase traction and stability. Rainfall can sometimes cause equipment to malfunction, and it doesn’t have to be a rainstorm that poses problems. When it’s particularly windy, equipment could be at risk of damage.

Determine the Duration of the Rental

You may want to rent and return construction equipment in quick succession. However, this could result in a slapdash project or at least one that doesn’t match your initial high expectations. If you rent equipment for somewhat longer than you think you’ll actually need it, you can use any extra time for fine-tuning.

Prepare to Ask for Advice

You shouldn’t just call up a rental company and tell them you need certain products. Instead, you should go into detail about your project and let them speak on their authority to offer you the best possible advice. Important information includes what sort of material you’re using and what sort of land you’re working on. 

Construction projects require diligence at every step of the way, and construction equipment rental is often essential to achieve a quality result. With some thoughtful preparation, your next construction project should go as smoothly as possible.

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