Cleaning Up Your Home Can Ensure a Strong Start for the New Year

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Setting new year resolutions has been a long-time tradition for many across the globe, and most, unfortunately, go unrealized. Setting big goals will inevitably bring challenges, causing many to abandon their list of things to accomplish for the year, so why not start small? Having your home or yard, or office space decluttered should be priority number one, as the saying goes – “out with the old, in with the new”. The backyard with the water-logged shed that you have been pondering on tearing down, the guest room or garage with the weight set and miscellaneous furniture and appliances that are occupying square footage in your home (and not paying rent!), all can be a distant memory with a bit of execution.

Decluttering is Great for Stress Relief

Accomplishments, no matter how small, have been shown to cause your brain to release dopamine, a reward hormone that brings calm and joy to your senses. Decluttering, and the removal of junk from your environment can inspire creativity, and release stress according to head space. Today you may be looking at an unused room full of items you haven’t touched in months.  After a thorough clean up, you may find a lot of potential new ideas that weren’t there before. As nature abhors a vacuum, the active mind cannot resist an empty space. What better than to start the new year with a home project that clears the mind and brings forward other accomplishable objectives.

Decluttering is Great For Improving Your Productivity

Have you ever seen something in your home or office, that is in disarray that you know should either be ordered or removed, and you tell yourself you will get to it but never do? The brain has a way of alerting us to objectives that can be performed to optimize our well being throughout life.  As a cluttered environment can induce stress, the sight of broken furniture, dysfunctional appliances, utilities, consumer goods, unused toxic cleaning products and boxes of miscellaneous items can also alert your brain to resolve a long-standing problem.

Having lingering problems in your life can be a huge source of stress that only compound as the days go by. Like getting a task completed at work, the removal of junk from your home are proven to bring benefits such as increased concentration, ability to sleep, mental clarity, and waking up in an ordered environment ready to take on tasks that await you for the day.

Decluttering is Great for Your Mind

Assessing your home’s strong points and weak points is actually a mind jogging exercise. Like walking into a new unfurnished apartment, the excitement of prospecting what will go where doesn’t have to apply to the instance of attaining a new home or living space. Decluttering your backyard, and “un”hoarding your garage, and removing defective furniture/appliances is just as much of a home remodeling endeavor than having tile put down in your bathroom, and not to mention way cheaper! Take advantage of the space you have.  You would be surprised when you realize how much space some of the aforementioned junk takes up in not only your house and in your mind.

Start With Junk Removal

Some junk removal projects are tougher than others and require extra hands, not just for removal but the proper disposal as well. We here in Portland know how much we advocate for recycling and proper disposal. Our fleet at G.I.  Junk Removal services are punctual, green-conscious, experienced, well equipped and ready to serve. Let us give you a hand in realizing all your new year resolutions, by making sure your headquarters are as clear as your vision for 2020.


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