Furniture Removal 101: Do You Need To Toss That Couch, and Where Should It Go?

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It’s time to get a new sofa! Maybe the kids have moved out and you’re ready for one that hasn’t been jumped on, or it’s just taken way too many years of wear and tear. And a new sofa is a great feeling! The average lifespan of a sofa is 7 years. Do you need to toss or replace a couch? And what’s the best way to do it?  It’s important to keep old furniture out of landfills and creating more waste. Read on to learn our eco-friendly guide to enjoying your new furniture and how to best get rid of your old one:

First, Assess the Condition. 

Is it no longer comfortable? If the foam cushions sink, it may not provide proper support. 

How bad are the stains? You may be able to remove stains with a carpet cleaner or even spot remover. If it is severely stained or torn, you could give it new life by reupholstering it.

How old is it? Antique couches are often made with high-quality materials, and a refurbish could be just what the doctor ordered.

What’s the condition of the frame? If the couch squeaks when you sit, this could mean that the frame is cracking or under stress, and may not be suited to resell or refurbish.

Second, Decide What to Do.

There are a host of options that can keep your couch out of the landfill. If you’ve assessed the condition, you may be able to resell your sofa and recoup some of the costs. If that’s not an option, consider the following:

1. Donation! There are a host of organizations, shelters, and community centers that take sofa and furniture. Habitat for Humanity is one such organization that takes old furniture.

2. Recycle! Taking a couch to a dump is tempting, but even some new couches contain hazardous chemicals that can break down over time. City recycling programs can pick up your old couch and recycle it. 

3. Give Away. There’s always a student in need of a couch!

4. Repurpose. Not only can you find new uses for the foam and the fabric, even the springs can be used for repurpose and crafting (think vases, lanterns, and wreaths!)

5. Call a pro! As always — we know some people you can call!

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