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A Hot Tub or Pool may be your definition of a fun or relaxing time, but just wait until it is time to get rid of them!

While a DIY removal can be stressful and difficult, G.I. Junk Removal crews can do all the heavy lifting for you in no time.

The Process

Schedule an arrival window with us, and we will come out with everything we need to quote and complete your job. We cut the hot tub into sections so that we can safely carry it to our truck without damaging your lawn or property or hurting ourselves. We then clean up the removal site including sweeping and/or raking up debris as needed.

All we ask of you is that the unit be fully drained and that any hard-wiring be disconnected prior to our arrival.

Pricing for hot tub removals ranges from $275-$400.

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G.I. Junk is consistently rated 5 out of 5 stars.

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