Six Ways to Celebrate the Veterans this Fourth of July

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Six Ways to Celebrate the Veterans this Fourth of July

It’s time to celebrate! The 4th of July always brings a great time with friends and family, whether you plan to hit up a local parade, throw a barbecue (or attend one!), or sit and watch the fireworks.

Because the 4th of July is a celebration of America’s Independence and Freedom, we wouldn’t have it without our brave Veterans and military who serve with bravery. So when the last piece of pie is done, consider these six ways to honor a vet in your life:

1. Thank-you Notes 

A simple thank you can go a long way. It doesn’t have to be a long letter — but a short card thanking the vet in your life for their service is a wonderful gesture (and maybe send a slice of pie!)

2. Visit the Memorial of a loved one.

Honoring our fallen soldiers should not be reserved only for Memorial Day. Many of us have family who have died serving our country or after. Independence Day is a great day to bring flowers to a memorial site of a loved one.

3. Hire and Support Vets!

Even though it’s a holiday, July 5th is not! Always support Veteran-owned businesses to purchase your local goods (we’ve got a great list of local Oregon businesses!), and there are great organizations that can help our veterans transition into military life.

4.  Honor and and Remember Veteran Families

While many of us enjoy holiday cookouts and pool parties this 4th, many families are without their spouses and loved ones. Reach out to a Veteran family and provide support and community during the holiday.

5. Careful with the Fireworks

Many Veterans suffer from PTSD and fireworks can be upsetting and stress-inducing.  You can get your own yard sign as a veteran from to ask and thank neighbors for respecting their service by forgoing or using fireworks elsewhere. You can get your own or obtain one for a loved one here.

6. Visit a Veteran!

Many Veterans served decades ago and can find themselves alone during the holidays. Reach out to a Vet in need and ask them to join in the festivities!

Not only can your 4th of July be exciting, (filling!), and full of joy and family, you can find simple yet hugely significant ways to honor a vet you know, love, or want to support.

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