The Importance of Practicing Safety During a Remodeling Project

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Remodeling can be a fun way to make a space your own. However, it’s critical that everyone on the project have access to safety gear that fits well and will protect them from injury. This includes hard hats or helmets, gloves, eye protection, and other project-specific protection.

Establish Rules and Guidelines

Every renovation is different, but you will need to set some guidelines. For example, clearly delineate paths around the space you’re working in and do your best to keep things swept up so nobody slips or trips. Set up a space for supply storage and another for tools. You will need to keep an eye on your budget, which includes time as well as money. Keeping things organized will speed up the process. If you have friends who want to help but have no skills with tools, train them on demolition and ask them to be on the cleanup crew to keep things swept up.

Wear Safety Gear

Everybody working on the project will at least need goggles and gloves. If they’re working on overhead items such as sheetrock or light fixtures, make sure there are enough helmets for that part of the crew and keep everyone else out of the area. If you’re working over bare subfloor, this is a good time for some spray paint. Paint a red border around spaces with limited access if you’re short on hard hats. It’s important to wear a construction helmet while working on the project in order to prevent head injuries or other serious problems.

Keep Things Simple

If you’ve got a project that includes a lot of volunteers, it’s a good idea to rank the dangers that could occur. Getting shocked is a pretty big risk. To easily determine what power lines are hot is to bring a cheap radio to your project site. Plug it in and crank it up so you can flip breakers until you find the one that needs to be turned off before demolition can begin. Another good idea is to have someone knowledgeable in charge of the tape measure. Beginners are great for carrying and some simple cutting, but you need helpers who know to measure repeatedly before they start cutting to reduce material waste. 

The only way to learn to remodel is to do it. If you’ve got a crew of volunteers, make sure they have good experience. Try to set them up with simple projects to keep them involved and invest in the safety gear needed to prevent injury.

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