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Do you have some old junk laying around that needs to be put to good use? Or perhaps you’re hoping to save some money on gifts this Valentine’s Day?

The good news is that Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to repurpose your old stuff! There are a plethora of creative DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that will not only impress your sweetheart but also lower your environmental impact. Read on for repurposed Valentine’s Day gift ideas you can make yourself!

Heart Votive

Heart Votive

If you have some old mason jars, this is the gift for you. First, take some painters tape and create a heart-shaped design on your mason jar. Next, paint your mason jar in a Valentine’s Day color. Once the paint’s dried, remove the tape and place some battery powered string lights in the middle of the jar. You now have your votive!

Romantic Tree Carving

Romantic Tree Carving

This gift is a great way to put dead tree branches or logs to romantic use. The first step is to pick a log, old tree limb, or stump to use as your canvas. Once you have this in order, you can create a heart-shaped stencil and print it out. Attach the stencil to your canvas and start carving into the bark along the outline of the stencil. Once you have a solid outline carved, start chipping away at the bark within the outline. Chip away until only bare wood remains. Next, take some sandpaper and smooth out the area you chipped away at until you have a smooth and even surface to work with. Finally, draw a romantic message onto the wood with a pencil, and burn it in with a wood burning tool!

Valentine’s Day Planter


If you have some old buckets, you can repurpose them into a Valentine’s Day planter. First, take a hammer and a nail and punch some holes into the bottom of the bucket. Next, paint the bucket the color of your choice. Finally, place your favorite plant into your bucket, fill the planter with soil, and then cover the top with a layer of rocks. There you go, you now have your planter!

What’s the best DIY gift you’ve ever made or received? Leave a comment below!

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